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'My work endeavours to translate moments and experiences of the natural world into a physical presence through painting and mixed media. 

I have been fascinated with birds for years; their ability to soar up to the skies and change direction, at a moment's notice, is astounding and a constant source of inspiration, not to mention the variety within the species. The fauna and flora of the surrounding natural spaces gives me a wide palette of colours, shapes and textures to draw on.

Wild flowers have held an interest for me, and as an artist living near The Lee Valley, this provides me with an outlet for realising this subject matter.

Regular walks foster an appreciation for an area away from the bustling city. It acts as a springboard for noticing details in the species and variety of flowers which translate themselves into ink drawings and paintings.'  

Proceeds from all sales will go towards a fundraising campaign by

Share The World's Resources

for Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Fiona is an arts practioner working in health and social care.

She inspires her clients to ignite their own creativity using the arts, enabling them to further explore their potentials. Fiona combines her role as a freelance artist in a hospital setting and residential care homes for the elderly, whilst maintaining her own art practice.




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